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Your SINGAPORE CUSTOM TAILORS for Bespoke Men & Women Tailoring of Suits, Tuxedo, Dinner Suits, Black Tie Suits, Formal Suits, Jackets, Sports Coats, Blazers, Overcoats/Topcoats, Shirts, Pants/Trousers, Vests, Pant Suits, Skirt Suits, Corporate and Company Uniforms, Costumes and as per customers requirements.

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While many call themselves custom tailors, few really live up to the name. Master Tailor David Nandwani, Master Tailor Harsha Nandwani and Master Tailor Nisha Nandwani are heirs to one of the premier custom tailoring traditions that began more than 43 years ago in a famous Singapore clothier. Now through, the Singapore tailor tradition of craftsmanship and personalized service is available with online convenience.

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Men and Women professional custom tailors

It is sometimes, an inconvenient feeling for a female to be measured by a male tailor. Her special detailed requirements and requests are verbally unexplainable. The feelings of a male tailor attending to her tailoring needs are not to her full satisfaction.

Value for money

People sometimes balk at the idea of custom tailoring without exploring the reality. Our customers have been pleasantly surprised when they checked our prices for custom bespoke clothing. It is no secret that offer a clear advantage. Beyond expert tailoring, garments are prepared in Singapore, a city world famous for custom made clothing.

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Have you tried to buy clothing at your local clothier or custom tailors, but had problems with sizing and selection? Here at, we understand. We take the time to tailor clothing for every individual person, including hard-to-fit types. Every person can benefit from expert custom tailoring: broad shoulders, narrow waist, tall and lanky, short and stocky, and necks of all kinds. You can relax and experience a custom fitting with expert tailors who create a superb fit just for you.

Haute couture makes to order, with extreme attention to detail and finish, often using time-consuming, hand-executed techniques, Men Single Breasted Suits, Men Double Breasted Suits, Men Tuxedo Suits, Men Formal Suits, Men Black Tie Suits, Men Dinner Suits, Men 3 piece Suits, Men Tailcoats, Men Fashion Suits, Men Fashion Jackets, Men Sports Coats, Men Blazers, Men Overcoats, Men Topcoats, Men Shirts, Men Tuxedo Shirts, Men Pants, Men Slacks, Men Trousers, Men Vests, Women Pant Suits, Women Skirt Suits, Women 4 piece Suits, Women Jackets, Women Overcoats, Women Topcoats, Women Shirts, Women Pants, Women Slacks, Company Uniforms, Corporate Uniform, Party Costumes, Stage Costumes and more. welcome customers clothing designs and styles to be tailored. A sample, template or a picture is enough for us to have custom clothing tailored for you.

In person tailoring

If you are traveling to Singapore,, located along the main shopping belt of Orchard Road, will be glad to meet you in person for your tailoring requirements. Mr David Nandwani (Deepak), Mrs Harsha Nandwani, Ms.Nisha Nandwani and their staff of tailors will attend to your every need in creating superb clothing for your wardrobe. welcome customers clothing designs and styles to be tailored. A sample, template or a picture is enough for us to have custom clothing tailored for you.

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Due to the high demand for suits to rent for those who would need a suit for a one-time occasion, is now proud to be one of the very few establishments in Singapore to rent suits ranging from Bridal Suits, Black Tie Suits, Business Suits, Dinners Suits, Evening Suits, Formal Suits Tuxedo Suits, Wedding Suits and a whole range more. View our RENT/RENTAL/HIRE pages to view the wide range of designs and styles which we offer also for Sale at most competitive prices.

We offer good quality Suits, Tuxedo, Black Tie for sale at reasonable prices. Excellent for customers who are in a need to purchase a Business Suit, a Tuxedo Suit, a Black Tie Suit or any other design/style of Suits which we stock. Great for customers who, due to time restrain or for any other reasons, unable to have a Suit, Tuxedo or Black Tie tailor made or rented. stocks hundreds of off-the-rack suits for all occasions and events for sale. Walk into our stores today to view, select, get fitted, purchase and bring home your suit with you within minutes.

Lost or gained weight or cannot fit into your exclusive designer suits, Tuxedo or the wedding suit you ordered from an online store?

Looking for a bespoke tailor in Singapore to have your clothes alterations done at a reasonable price? also provides fast and reliable alteration services. We provide alteration services for Suits, Jackets, Shirts, Pants/Trousers and more at a quick turnaround with reasonable prices.

With time and as new designs and styles are introduced, makes every effort to update customers by posting these new available designs and styles which is able to tailor for you. Click on NEW DESIGNS COLLECTION to view now!

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