Our Workmanship

Imagine spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a bespoke suit, using the finest quality of fabric, from a modern tailor store, just to finally be delivered with a suit with unprofessional workmanship – a great disappointment and what a waste of money and time!

At MySingaporeTailor.com, we know that not only finest fabrics are a important factor for bespoke clothing. A more important factor to bespoke clothing in finest fabrics require skilled, experienced and the patience in the workmanship to construct finest bespoke clothing.

Canvas Construction

MySingaporeTailor.com uses the finest canvas for interlinings. Comprised of goat hair, this is an exclusive light-weight construction that adds lasting shape and body to the coat front without the heavy stiffness of the lesser quality fused or canvas used in most suits.


MySingaporeTailor.com tailored garments are lined with Bamberg, satin silk or pure silk. None will fade nor shrink and they all offer unsurpassed quality and comfort.


MySingaporeTailor.com uses only the finest buttons of natural smoked horn and Carrizo nut. Made in Europe, these buttons offer durability and a richness of color and texture that are unmatched by man-made materials.

Silk Thread

All sewing operations are accomplished with the finest silk thread. Silk provides strength, elasticity, and “memory” (it returns to its original length after being stretched) plus reliable color brilliance and fastness. Finally this holds up better against the constant stress of daily wear, dry cleaning and pressing.


MySingaporeTailor.com provides double-stitch finishing for all bespoke clothing. We use inter-locking hand stitching methods, the same system as it was many years ago. This old system has proven the strength of splitting longevity.

Personalized Name

Upon request, your tailored jacket or your tailored shirt will have your name. At MySingaporeTailor.com, on every bespoke jacket we customize to your requirements and preferences.

Our Stores and Workshops

MySingaporeTailor.com stores carry a wide range of fabrics for your selections. All workmanship of Tailored Clothing is done in Singapore in our workshops. Thus, we are able to provide prompt on-time deliveries for your convenience.