Singapore Tailors Tradition

The Singapore tailors tradition been preserved through a handful of dedicated artisans including, one of Singapore’s most respected custom bespoke tailoring families.

Singapore tailors were apprenticed and schooled in the nuances that define world-class fashion. No excuses were accepted for clothing whose fit was anything short of exceptional. The secrets of accurate measurements and immaculate detailing have been closely guarded and passed down to craftsmen who carry the tradition forward. Men and Women outfitted with the help of Singapore tailors are heirs to an art form that stands alone. is proud heir to the tradition of Singapore tailors. Clothing are still measured and fitted the way they were many years ago.

Men suits, for example, require more than 20 separate measurements. Please browse this site for the full collection of men and women suits, men and women pants, shirts, jackets, tuxedos, vests, women wedding gowns, women prom dresses, evening dresses and more. We think you will see the difference of

Dress for success. Shop the smarter way. - David Nandwani

Master Tailor David Nandwani (Deepak)

has years of experience from thread and needle to finished fine quality bespoke clothing for Men - Harsha Nandwani

Master Tailor Harsha Nandwani

pays every little attention on requirements and details to bespoke fine Women clothing - Nisha Nandwani

Master Tailor Nisha Nandwani

One of the youngest tailors in this trade, she hopes to keep the Bespoke Tailoring tradition alive and carry the business to new heights