Choosing Colors

One of the nice things about custom made clothing is the opportunity to choose the exact colors and combinations that make you look best. You don’t have to have a degree in fine art or the talent of Monet to create striking color combinations.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that color communicates. Scientific studies have shown that colors can speak loudly. Colors can also communicate at subtle levels that are beneath conscious awareness.

In the same way, your choice of colors for your custom clothing can communicate confidence and credibility and set a tone that is conducive to your success. Can an off the rack suit compare with the rich colors and textures available to the wearer of a custom made suit? You may get lucky once in a while, but chances are much more in your favor when you rely on the talents of a custom tailor like

Tailoring Your Color Scheme


Red is an action color. When we see red, the heart rate and blood pressure rise, we breathe faster and we tend to feel the energy of aggression. Obviously, red is not an ideal color for many business situations.


Orange is known primarily as a color that is stimulating to the appetite, but not necessarily to conversation or business transactions. However, orange can be an excellent accent color for ties and mixes well with other colors such as browns.


Yellow communicates optimism and is associated with cheerfulness. Yellow also attracts attention but is a difficult color for the eye to absorb. It should therefore be used with discretion to avoid an overpowering effect.


Green is a relaxing color that also communicates growth, health and prosperity. The walls of doctors’ offices are often designed in green to encourage patience among those waiting for an appointment. The custom dress shirt can also create a peaceful aura that makes you pleasant to be around and encourages productive negotiations.


Blue is a calming color that has the opposite effects of red. Blue tends to put people in a relaxed state and inspires intellectual activity. Also associated with loyalty, blue is a very popular color for custom dress shirts for interviews daily activities in the business arena.


Purple is generally considered a more feminine color and one that communicates opulence and luxury. Purple stands out from the accepted repertoire and should be used with care. However, it can be an excellent accent color as a subtle stripe or pattern within an overall context.


Brown is an organic color that is dominant in nature and is a staple of the gentleman’s wardrobe.
Brown is a good foundation color that sets the stage for a light colored shirt and more active colors in ties and accessories.


Black is a powerful color. It communicates respect, authority, reverence and professionalism.
Black is actually a combination of all colors in the spectrum.
That’s why black works well with almost any other color.

While the color palette has expanded dramatically in recent years, the businessman can profit from understanding some color basics. Black and navy blue are standard colors for suits and jackets. Black shoes and a black belt are required dress for business. The best choices in custom dress shirts tend to be whites and light blues, which provide a beautiful canvas for imaginative tie selections.